Death Valley

WHERE: SALINE VALLEY, DEATH VALLEY NP   NEAREST TOWN: LAS VEGAS, NEVADA   WHY GO Incredibly stark landscape that exposes the geological processes that are typically hidden by vegetation most other places. Requires a AWD to get around but every night you can camp in drastically different landscapes that include; sand dunes, mountain valleys, hot […]

Hunter Mountain

WHERE: HUNTER MOUNTAIN NEAREST TOWN: SPRUCETON, NY ACTIVITIES Backpacking, Camping   WHY GO Perfect length loop for a 2 night trek. If you are arriving late on DAY 1 head out clockwise. It’s a steep but quick climb to John Rob Shelter. Follow then well marked trail to an amazing spring gushing with fresh cold water. […]


WHERE: Gros Morne NP, Newfoundland Canada NEAREST TOWN: Rocky Harbor ACTIVITIES Backpacking, Camping, Orienteer   WHY GO Beautiful remote landscape were you can find genuine solitude and achieve a genuine feeling of blazing your own trail. This is an off-trail traverse that takes you from stunning inland fjords lined with 2,000-foot-high granite cliffs draped with […]

Gaspe Peninsula

WHERE: GASPESIE NP & FORILLON NP, QUEBEC CANADA NEAREST TOWN: QUEBEC CITY ACTIVITIES Backpacking, Camping, Day Hike   WHY GO Challenge yourself along the 600 mile international extension of the Appalachian Trail. In the Gaspesie NP, the landscape is always dramatic but seems to change climatic zones daily from lush temperate forest to sub-arctic highlands […]

Glacier NP: Trekking

WHERE: NORTHERN MONTANA   NEAREST TOWN: KALISPELL, MT   WHY GO Glacier National Park is one of the most beautiful parks in the U.S. It is famous for the views of mountains, lakes, and glaciers, as well as encounters with the wildlife including grizzly bears, moose and mountain goats.   ACTIVITIES Backpacking, Camping, Day Hike   WHY […]